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September 16, 2017

Warm Soup.

It's been a very rainy, cold, foggy week. So the soup and croissants were big on the menu. Warm and comforting, filling and satisfying. I love Fall food. Soon we'll get out our crock pot and start putting meals together that will be simmering when we arrive home. Mmmm.

Today, it's finally sunny. It's still chilly, so I'll be wearing another warm sweater and my wool socks. Way too early for all this cold but it's temporary and warm weather is back on its way. I'm teaching a class today so after a hot shower, I'll head in to the City to meet with the group that are my students for the afternoon. Then home to help dh empty the hot tub (needs a clean and fresh water) and maybe start to dig our hole for our sweet baby tree (my previous post). Quiet night to relax.

Tomorrow is a day I wait for all year .... the annual Dollhouse Show in the City. I save my pennies so this doesn't come out of our regular budget and love strolling around the venue, talking with the vendors and finding small treasures for our dollhouses. Can't wait for the morning and the show. And I hope, another sunny day before the rain returns on Monday. 

More posts later today. Have a great weekend.

Sweet Baby Tree.

 Even though we are surrounded
by 2 acres of forest, we need trees.

We left the forest intact when we
began our build but had to carve
out where our house would go.
And now we have to fill that in.

So tree buying has begun. We bought
2 sweet MacIntosh Apple Trees in
the Spring. We are so happy with our
trees and even just harvested our first
two little apples. Not quite enough for
a full apple pie but maybe a little
tart or 2. For our 3rd tree, we chose
this sweet baby tree, a Caragana. It
 is a bit of a reflective piece for us as
at our previous home, we planted this
same bush when our 4th child was born.
And every year on her birthday, the
Caragana would bloom it's yellow
flowers. We've decided we'll name
her "Cara" and hope she blooms each
year like our other one. Now we have
to choose where we'll plant her. I
truly love this part of landscaping.

Fall Potting Shed.

A quick shopping trip in town
netted a few Fall decorations.

I then decided each of these would
look best on our little potting shed.

The shed before. Empty little 
window boxes. Blank front door.

Done except for a ribbon
on the wreath. I'll take a
peek in my stash to see
what I have. Fall is here.

September 14, 2017

Thursday Rain.

I drove home last night from a meeting in
town in very thick fog. The kind where you
truly can't see what's ahead. It was a tad
bit scary. Thankfully, very little traffic was
on the highway. Monday was very sunny
and warm. Tuesday was cold and gloomy,
dark with deep clouds. Yesterday, it started
to "spit" here and there. The clouds didn't
move. And today, we just woke up to the
sound of rain pouring from the sky. I
always love a warm and cosy house on a
rainy day. As much as I know the rain is
not welcome south of us, in our region in
Canada, forest fires have been a big issue
this Summer and this rain will be a bit of
a relief. Today will be a lamps on, quilts
out, hot chocolate steaming and wooly
socks on the feet kind of day. My favorite.

September 8, 2017

My Body Hurts.

We've spent the last few weekends trying
to finish up our landscaping before the
big "S" falls from the sky. Our Fall season
tends to be quite long so we do have time.

But ooohhhh, my body hurts. From head
to toe, everything aches. I go to bed with
Advil and wake up taking more. Ugh.
But so worth it as our little acreage is
beginning to take shape. We've had
from our friends and our girls and even
our little grandson. And from our new
friend, the bobcat guy. He's done quite
a bit for us this year and I'm so happy to
pay him to be here. I even love his sense
of humor, like in the picture above as
he moved the tamper from one area to
the other, without hesitation, he used his
machine to pick it up and drop it down.
Great guy, amazing, fast work and decent
fee for all he's done for us. We have at
least a couple more weekends and we
should be all done. Then we can kick back
until for awhile. I can imagine that our
Winter will be spent planning next Spring.

September 3, 2017

Welcome Fall.

Yes I'm just a bit early but we have very quickly gone from Summer to Fall in our region, even though the calendar is still in Summer mode. The leaves are turning from green to orange, red and yellow. The air is cooler, the flowers are fading. I'm sad to see Summer go but my favorite season is Fall and the changes that are creeping upon us are my favorite. This is the time of year we begin to "nest" and make our home cosy for Winter. Gardening ends as we rake away the last bits of plants as they bury in to the ground for their long nap until Spring. We bring out our Fall decor and put away the Summer items. FallWe stock our pantry, fill out freezer, make sure we have enough quilts and warm blankets for cold, snowy nights. The smells of cinammon and spices fill the air. Candles are lit and books selected for long afternoons of reading and tea sipping. And the lists start .... what to make for Thanksgiving Dinner, what to buy or make for everyone for Christmas gifts, what to make for Christmas Dinner, New Year's Eve plans and then, what to plant for Spring. It is my favorite time of the year.

August 31, 2017

My House in August #31: Blanket.

 We found this blanket at the Antique Mall
one day and couldn't believe how soft it is.

The hours of work that went in to it
and yet it was for sale, cast off and alone.


We were quite happy to make this vintage
and comfy blanket part of our living room.


My House in August #30: White.

It's hard to think about but it won't
be long at all before we look out our
windows and see a white landscape.
Not looking forward to the first storm.