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May 28, 2017


An old stump beside the garden, that once
supported a tree, is now in "rebirth" mode.

Landscape Dreaming.

Our landscape artist brought over our plan
a few weeks ago for our final approval.

She worked magic with our blank slate.
And now we have ideas to fill our space.

It's likely going to take us 4 or 5 years to
finish all that we hope to create in the garden.

I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
Until then, I continue to dream ....

Blue in the Garden.

Living in the country means we have
many natural and native surprises ....

One of my favorites are these sweet little
blue flowers. Maybe a blue bell? Precious.

Free Falling ....

 .... but hopefully not too soon and not
on our sweet little cottage ....

A big wind storm in our region the other
day uprooted this tree a bit. We're very
concerned but thankfully, the last few
days have been super dry and very warm.
The Arborist is coming out tomorrow to
let us know if it needs to come down. We
are pretty sure it will need to. They'll also
then let us know when they can take it down.

Have you ever had to take down a falling tree?
Where you sad to see it go or happy it won't fall?

May 27, 2017

Which One?

We're in the beginning stages of our landscaping
and have decided we'd like to have a garden shed
to store items like the snow blower, lawnmower
and all my gardening tools. The garage is big but
we want to keep it sparse ~ it houses two cars
and will soon be the home of a workshop for my
dh. So a shed is now on our list and worked into
our frugal budget. Now we have a big decision.

This first shed is from Costco. It is made from Resin
and appears to be sturdy. We like the look and it can
be painted if we choose to match it to the color of
the house. I'd put window boxes on. The only worry
is that Resin can in time wear down. And crack and
break. Will it hold the snow load in the Winter?

Our second choice is this one that a lovely family is
selling because they are moving. It's about $300 less
than the other one but we'd have to hire a company to
deliver. So price will be roughly the same for either.
It's made of solid wood and looks brand new when
we popped over to look. Their is a large door on the
side for getting large items in. We'd paint it to match
the house. The sturdiness for snow load in the cold
Winter months would be much better. And our sweet
landscape artist did suggest we find a "quaint"  shed.

What one is more appealing for a vintage look?
Which one would you choose if you have to decide?

May 22, 2017

New Island Project.

There are so many things I love about our kitchen but 
the island is truly my favorite ~ I smile at it often. 

We've never had an island. Our kitchens have always
been so small in the past. Now that we have space, I
can't imagine how we survived trying to make meals
for a big family in such tiny spaces. We did it but it
makes me appreciate my new roominess even more.
Above is a shot of a kitchen island with two brackets.

We ended up overhanging out countertops but didn't
know what we wanted to do to trim it out, so we left
it until we could decide. I found a set of brackets, like
 the ones above that are perfect in style but are a bit 
fragile. Made out of a material that I was worried would 
break if our little guy was too rough with pushing his 
chair back in one day, so we squashed that idea. I may 
use them for a wall idea so have tucked them away. The
countertop is granite, so it's super heavy but it doesn't
need any extra support on the overhang as it's not really
a big piece on that side. What we want to do is add in
a decorative look and the picture above is our idea.

A few weeks ago while we were shopping, we stopped
in at our local "re use" shop and found two columns.

They're old and banged up but that's the look we're
going for. And if our little guy bangs them up more,
no one will be the wiser. We filled a few holes and
will sand them down. Then a few coats of creamy
ivory chalk paint and we'll be set to go. I'm looking
forward to adding this decorative touch to the island.
And happy that we can do it on a budget. Each column
was $10 (marked down from $20), we already had
the wood filler and the paint. A "not too hard" project
on a limited but wise budget. Pictures to follow soon.

Quiet Mother's Day.

Mother's Day this year was quiet, just the way
it should be. I was spoiled with brekky in bed.

And ended the day with a rainbow cake. So truly
yummy. Thoughtful gifts that were abundant, notes 
full of love from my children and shared posts 
from many dear friends. The only thing that was 
missing was my mom. She is living with dementia
at this time in her life and she was so mixed up for
the day that we all agreed to try another time. Today
we'll pick her up when we are in the big City and
bring her home for dinner and gift tonight. I truly
hope it goes well. She did call us at 6:00 a.m. this
morning asking why we hadn't picked her up yet
but at least she hasn't cancelled yet. Fingers crossed
it all goes well today. I wish I could have her back. 
I really miss my mom the way she was ....