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February 18, 2018

A Day of Love.

Valentine's Day is a time to show extra love to those
in our lives. A fun day to be expressive and creative.

I've heard some grumble that we shouldn't have to have
a day to show love, when we should show it every day.

I agree but it's still fun to have this special day. I baked
cupcakes for my loveys, wrote beautiful words in sweet
cards, chopped up veggies to make homemade soup on
a rainy and slippery day. And enjoyed the gifts of love.

My dh remembered I had shown him an ad for Bailey's
Irish Cream in a brand new flavor for a limited time .... 
Strawberries and Cream. I then promptly forgot about
it but he didn't. And it took some hunting to find this
new treat. When he finally found a shop that had it in
stock, they only had one left on the shelf. We're sipping
it slowly and loving the smooth flavor. Hope they make
it a regular on as it's soooo good and warms the soul.

How was your Valentine's Day?
Did you have fun expressing your love?

Noisy Birds.


We came home on Friday to a cluster of
birds up in a tree screeching at us. By the
time I got my camera going, this was only
a few of the crowd as many had flown
away. It was so noisy, it was like a scene
out of the movie "The Birds" ~ impressive.

February 17, 2018

Vintage Valentine's.

I missed posting on Valentine's Day
even though I had searched for these ....

.... sweet, vintage cards to wish my
readers a happy loved~filled day.

We celebrated with our daughters and
grandson. We feasted on home made sou
and biscuits (it was a freezing rain day),
and fresh baked cupcakes for desert. I
received a beautiful flowering plant that
we're still trying to figure out what it is
(picture to follow) and a chilled bottle
of Bailey's Irish Cream in a new flavor
called "Strawberries and Cream". I
will just say "delicious" ~ smooth and
potent! I truly hope that you were loved
and honored on this special day of love.

February 14, 2018

Writing Desk.

Warm late afternoon sun streaming through
cream lace curtains on to my writing desk. A
comfy, quiet niche to write blog posts, letters to
friends and to pay the bills. My sweet spot.

February 11, 2018

Snow Diamonds.

Sunshine on the white snow looks like
diamonds ~ our truly "rich" landscape.

Our View.

On a frosty afternoon, the sun is low but bright. I
love the view as it brightens our little front veranda

The deep snow we finally got is fluffy and I'd love
to jump around in it, but I also love how it's perfect.

No footprints or marks anywhere. Just pristine snow
and our curvy path from the front door to the driveway.

The lane out the front. The only cars that come down
our little lane are the residents that live here and guests.

The bright sun hitting the trees to the North of the front
veranda. In time, the sun faces and warms the veranda.

The view on the other side of the house on the back
deck, as it begins to move around the corner to face
the front of the house, finally setting before it hits
the garage and the art studio later in the day. Really
my favorite time of day and one I cherish as I walk
around the house. Makes our house our sweet home.

Work Snacks.

I had a dear friend over the other day to
help me with some paperwork and before
she arrived, I made some snacks to nourish
us as we worked. And she arrived with
some Starbucks to surprise me, so we
treated each other. We worked hard and
spent quite a bit of time laughing. My
family came home and she was invited
to stay for dinner. We got a lot done and
had a great time while we worked away.


My inspiration for Spring. I have
my Lavender seeds tucked away in
the fridge, waiting for seeding day.
And our bird bath is in the garage.
Now we just need the temperature
to rise, the snow to melt and the
ground to thaw. I did a quick count
and Spring is due in just 38 days ....