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July 12, 2017

Rainy Days.

After a couple of weeks of hot, dry weather and just a sprinkle of rain or two, it's been lovely to have some actual rainy days. The precipitation has cooled down the air and the moisture is, I'm sure a welcome gift to the wildlife and vegetation in our region. The province beside us is on fire and it's a scary time when it gets this hot. Structures are being burned to the ground and forests obliterated in moments. I hope that our rain will move to the West and douse the fires naturally. Send blessings.

I took a few pics the other night while closing up things for the night. The rain pitter pattered outside but inside was cozy and warm, inviting and calm. Our living room above. I'd like to find a nice soft rug to go in the middle. Not cover the whole floor, just a bit to offer a soft landing for tired feet at the end of the day. And we still need to figure out window coverings beyond the lace panels we have now. A work in progress. I know it will evolve in time.

The side table, comfy arm chair and my gramma's tea cart that sit in the bay window. I was gifted the tea cart not long after we moved out to the country. My mom had it in her little apartment but one day asked if we'd like to have it now. A sweet gift in the perfect spot in our home.

Looking from the living room in to the dining room, the light from the butler's pantry shines through. I'd love a rug here too, likely one that would match whatever we find for the living room. And of course, the same window coverings to keep things consistent. The bit of OCD in my little body would truthfully appreciate that. 

The "new to us but old to someone else vintage thrifted lamp" we bought last week for the also "new to us but old to someone else vintage side table" we bought the week before at the Antique Mall. 

Another thrifted find .... the heart shaped vintage chair we scored last year at the AM. I love this piece and it was so worth the price the vendor negotiated with us. 

The lamp sitting on top of the old victrola was the very first item we ever bought at the AM. It was upstairs, back in the corner of a very small and not really put together booth. Sitting on the floor with it's matching mate, we loved them right away. And at just $20 for both, we also knew that we were getting an amazing deal. The picture beside it was a $2 find from the thrift store ~ love the gilded frame. The little rabbit on the chair ~ another AM find for $8. And finally, the victrola we found online from a family that was moving from a community next to our County. We were the first to respond and made it out that night to pick it up. After we negotiated and made a deal, the family received quite a few inquiries and likely they could have received full price or even higher. One of our deals where it just all fell in to place. 

That's my rainy day tour to show you how soft the light comes through the lacy windows when it rains outside. I'm grateful for the cooling mist, a warm place to call home, a cozy neighborhood and a free country. I hope you feel this in your heart too, wherever you live. 

July 9, 2017

New Summer Wreath.

I love having a wreath on the front door. It either tells the season we are in or a special day. Recently I visited our local charity shop to search for a small wreath for the little door on our potting shed. This one caught my eye and for $5, I was happy to give it a new home. But when I got it out to the shed, it was just a bit too big for the small door. I'm still searching for a smaller wreath but the new one didn't go to waste. I love that if fit the front door just fine and brings together our colors of lavender, sage and ivory. It wasn't meant to be for the shed but it was definitely meant to be for the cottage. A great find.

Bedtime Snack.

When I was a kid growing up, we were allowed to have a small "bedtime snack" before going to sleep. Fruit or a veggie, sometimes a cookie. Small but enough to help us get to sleep faster. As an adult, I still do this. I know it's always suggested to not eat after 7 p.m. but I have to eat something every few hours or I get very shaky. So a bedtime snack helps me sleep and I'm less hungry in the morning. Here's my latest favorite snack to munch on: small organic cheezies and fresh green grapes.

Do you enjoy a bedtime snack?
If so, what is your favorite?

July 8, 2017

Our Little Garden.

The view from our front door.

On the back deck.

A close up of the big pot.

And the smaller one.

July 7, 2017